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Archives for September 2005

Frank Talk | The Interview

British writer Josephine Poole discusses her latest book, Anne Frank

You’ve been writing for children for more than 40 years….

Have I really? What a dreadfully long time. Oh, God, it really is. People ask, “How many books have you written?” and I don’t really know.

Your first book, A Dream in the House, was published in 1961.

Almost as soon as I had written it, I didn’t think it was any good. Another book, Moon Eyes, was very successful. That came […]

Helping Schools Help Kids | What Works

A Title I program makes a public library rethink its mission

Community needs drive the Muncie (IN) Public Library, as they do most school and public libraries. So when we learned that standardized test scores and graduation rates in Muncie’s schools were lower than the state averages, we looked for a way to help.

School officials persuaded us to apply to the Indiana Department of Education (DOE) for certification as a Title I Supplemental Education Service (SES) provider. An SES provider […]

Dick’s Picks | Up for Discussion

A children’s book editor looks back on some career highlights

In a power-point presentation before his 2005 Arbuthnot Lecture, delivered at Drexel University on April 9th, retiring editor Richard Jackson displayed the jackets of his 80 favorite titles over five decades of publishing, one each from many of his favorite writers and illustrators. From this presentation he culled 17 titles for special notation. They became “Dick's Picks,” for which he has provided the commentary.

Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes. (Bradbury, 1982).

As always, […]

America Divided | Nonfiction Booktalker

Three riveting reads about the Civil War will captivate youngsters

The war against terror is not the only armed conflict to have landed on our shores. Since the Pequot War of 1636–1637, a lot of gore has been spilled on what is now U.S. soil. The most costly of these conflicts occurred between 1861 and 1865, when 185,000 soldiers and sailors died.

Three spellbinding new books about the Civil War period highlight the ingenious methods Americans devised to destroy each other. Grierson’s […]