February 22, 2018

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Hispanic Heritage in Children’s and Young Adult Books | Focus On

As we prepare for Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated in September, and look at the literature available across the grades, a question arises. What does it mean to be Hispanic? Is language a defining characteristic? If so, how is it that so many of the children I work with every day, with such apellidos as García, Martínez, and Delossantos, speak only English? Or are family roots in a Spanish-speaking country more essential? How recent should those roots be? At […]

Truth in Information Books | Up for Discussion

A librarian makes a case for sticking to the verifiable facts

Are informational books true? The American Library Association is clear. On the Web site of the Association for Library Service to Children’s Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award a definition is stated as part of the award’s purpose: “Information books are defined as those written and illustrated to present, organize and interpret documentable factual material for children”. But after a year of chairing the Sibert Informational Book Award committee, I […]

Gaming at Your Library

It’s hard to imagine librarians whooping it up over a computer game at the front desk. And yet that’s almost what some are hoping will happen among their young patrons, as libraries begin to incorporate video games.

“What seems to have happened is all this literature has come out that gaming is not necessarily a bad thing,” says Jenny Levine, Internet development specialist at the Metropolitan Library System in Illinois, and a board member of the Young Adults Library Service Association […]

Pulling Together for Our Kids | What Works

A selfless partnership makes an after-school program soar

With 37 libraries and more than 9 million individual visits a year, the Broward County Library system in South Florida has met and overcome more than its share of challenges. A few years ago, when I was the system’s planning coordinator, small neighborhood branches found themselves facing a unique test. They were victims of their own success.

The infusion of computers was the culprit. After school, the libraries’ staffs were overwhelmed by the […]