February 21, 2018

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Archives for June 2005

The Young and the Parentless | Nonfiction Booktalker

The Baudelaire kids have nothing on these real-life orphans

My good friend Michael, who writes children's fiction, tells me he learned long ago that the first rule of storytelling is to get rid of the parents. Clearly, getting rid of those loving adults has proved a bonanza to children's storytellers like E. Nesbit and J. K. Rowling. But in real life, what could be more nightmarish? To live at the mercy of strangers, with no love, control, or power, is the […]

Roots of Revolution Revisited | Up for Discussion

How asking a question rocked an author’s view of America’s past

Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He star'd at the Pacific—and all his men Look'd at each other with a wild surmise

I spent nine years in graduate school studying American history, then another four researching and writing three books on colonial America. By last year I had read enough to […]

Don’t Delay | First Steps

Help parents find language development resources

Many parents question what's normal and what their children should be doing at different ages. More and more, parents are turning to their local libraries for advice. Besides being empathetic supporters and referring parents to the rich resources within our libraries that detail language-development milestones for young children, librarians need to provide parents with precise information on the wide range of community services and resources available to them. Although librarians are not in a position […]

Cultural Connections | What Works

Open your school to the world by partnering with a library abroad

What school library media coordinator could resist the opportunity to engage students in a cultural exchange with a library elsewhere in the world? Not this one. When I saw I could use my library to inspire students in rural North Carolina to broaden their understanding of the world, I leaped at the opportunity. I linked our elementary school to a project at Appalachian State University (ASU) that helps keep […]