February 21, 2018

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The Power of Partnerships | Teen Talk

When librarians bring people together, everyone wins

Like its politicians and wars," the late English essayist J. B. Priestly once lamented, "society has the teenagers it deserves." A recent discussion on the Young Adult Library Services Association's (YALSA) listserv led me to speculate that Priestly's observation may help us understand how the cultures we create in libraries shape teen behavior.

Recently a public librarian e-mailed the group about teen problem behaviors at the library—excessive noise, profanity, vandalism, the works. Anthony Bernier, director […]

The Big Questions | Up for Discussion

A professor links children’s literature to religious imagination

From the very first pages of David Almond's Skellig (Delacorte, 1999), the narrator, Michael, tells of trying to see the beat-up, broken-down, junk heap of the family garage with his "mind's eye." He learns quite quickly, alongside his friend Mina, that their ability to see with this unusual lens will be challenged by something far more heartbreaking than an old warehouse, by the strange being that inhabits the space. As Michael's extraordinary tale […]

A Book Club for Teachers | What Works

Getting colleagues hooked on YA titles is a great way to reach kids

When I joined Merton Williams Middle School three years ago, the most common complaint I heard from teachers was, "I wish I could read and talk about young adult literature to my students." Don't get me wrong, most of our seventh- and eighth-grade students loved to read and were exposed to a variety of classics. It's just that previous media specialists tended to choose more traditional fiction for […]