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Mural, Mural on the Wall

Under the copyright law, even fictional characters have rights

We would like to paint book characters on the walls of our library. Is there a resource that will tell us if a character is copyrighted? —Derek Edmisten, media specialist, Hardin Park Elementary School, Boone, NC

Copyright is automatic. One attains copyright protection as soon as his original, creative expression is fixed in a tangible medium. Copyright registration is no longer required. There is no one place to find out what is […]

Check It Out | What Works

An irresistible reading program encourages kids to read at home

Although library programs for children 12 and under were well attended at our four branches, almost half of the participants weren't checking out books. So a few years ago, our chief librarian asked the staff to devise new ways to get parents to read to their kids at home. After a three-year trial, our library formally adopted some best practices. What did we change? Librarians are now required to incorporate formal […]

The Finest Quality Dirt | Up for Discussion

A look at the life and sensibilities of Hans Christian Andersen

For nearly 40 years, I’ve been telling Andersen stories at the statue of Hans Christian Andersen in New York City’s Central Park. One story that never fails to delight both the audience and me is “Hans Clodhopper.” I had read every one of Andersen’s 156 stories, but it was not until I heard Kathryn Farnsworth’s wonderfully wry, whimsical telling that Clodhopper came alive for me. In celebration and commemoration of […]

Hans Clodhopper

The Princess announced that she would marry the man who could speak for himself. Two brothers who lived in the country prepared. One memorized the dictionary and spent a week listening to evening news. The other went to the courthouse to listen to pronouncements of the judges; he thought that this would prepare him for discussing affairs of state. He could also embroider suspenders.

“I will win the Princess!” each one said. The father gave to the one who had […]

Encore! Encore! | First Steps

There’s a good reason why kids love to hear the same story over and over

Again! Again! Read that one again!" As storytime programmers, we've always taken these requests as great compliments, but we know that many parents shudder at their children's demand to hear the same book over and over. Often parents don't realize just how much their children benefit from repeated readings. Recently we've been talking up these benefits with parents, because repeated readings provide great opportunities to develop […]