April 25, 2014

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Street Lit in school libraries

Street Lit

K.C. Boyd wrote this morning asking me to help get the word out about announcement of the 2014 Street Lit Book Award Medal (SLBAM) winners. This award was created by Dr. Vanessa Irvin Morris, author of the Reader’s Advisory to Street Literature and the official press release appears on her Street Literature site. The young [...]

Film Review: The Nonstop Action of ‘Divergent’ Dominates

Shailene Woodley and Theo James/Jaap Buitendijk

Veronica Roth’s film adaptation of her dystopian YA novel Divergent is an action-packed narrative with a brave, young heroine and handsome love interest that diverges enough from The Hunger Games with some familiar overlap.

YA Romance Imprint Swoon Reads Selects NJ Librarian as its Next YA Novelist


YA librarian Sandy Hall had never finished writing a novel before. After reading about Macmillan’s new romance novel imprint’s process that uses its online community to chose its authors, she found herself selected as a YA novelist.

School Librarians Stir Enthusiasm Around ‘Divergent’ Film Release


Teens are mad for Veronica Roth’s YA book ‘Divergent’ that will be released as a film on March 21, and school librarians are creating programming around the books-to-film craze.

Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles!

Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles!

Last night I dreamed that Arthur A. Levine Books (of Harry Potter fame) was publishing a young readers’ edition of The Sensuous Woman, a sex manual published in ’69 (heh) by a “liberated woman” known only as “J” who taught women how to please their man and–and this was revolutionary–themselves. My dream makes sense in […]

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Roundup: In a worst case scenario

We’re about two weeks away from the YMA’s so it’s the perfect time to highlight some books that are flying under the awards radar. Both of the titles I’m looking at today have excellent character writing and deal with themes of violence and what people do in extreme circumstances. Neither book quite has what it [...]

YALSA’s Call to Action!

YALSA’s Call to Action!

It is a moral imperative for libraries to leverage their skills and resources to effect positive change and better the lives of millions of teens. In turn, libraries will be providing an invaluable service to their community and position themselves as an indispensable community resource. Executive Summary: The Future of Library Services for and with [...]

It’s Pyrite Time!

It’s Pyrite Time!

Here at Someday, we have a mission. It’s pretty simple: emulate the RealCommittee process as much as possible. A large part of what we do is discuss books at a level we believe is similar to that of the RealCommittee — thoughtfully, seriously, with an insane attention to detail. But the RealCommittee also nominates and [...]

Adult Books 4 Teens | June 2013

Among the Stars: Historical fantasy fiction; World War II heroes; a memoir by a son about his CIA father

Books for black kids

There’s a provocative new comment over on Yolanda Hare’s “Beyond the Friends.” It has me wondering if the CSK awards ever suffer from Newberyitis, where some kids see the sticker and think, “oh, this is one of those books that’s supposed to be good for you.” Because light escapist fare they ain’t. (Nor are they [...]

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Win free money!

For COLLEGE. Ruta Sepetys and Penguin Young Readers Group are running an essay contest in conjunction with the release of Ruta’s new book, Out of the Easy, a tale of growing up in the French Quarter of 1950s New Orleans. The prize is $5000 toward college; full details can be found at the Out of [...]

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Spring Fling: Teen Book Buzz


Thursday, March 21, 2013, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET From living Japanese ink drawings to the return of the nun assassins, these forthcoming spring releases are sure to appeal to every teen on your reading list. Get ahead of the curve and find out the latest and greatest hot reads for spring during SLJ’s Teen Book Buzz! Join Harlequin Teens, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, and Egmont as they present the books that will have every teen chatting at their lockers. You do not want to miss this exciting webcast! This archive is no longer available

Adult Books 4 Teens: February 2013


BLOCK, Francesca Lia. The Elementals. 320p. St. Martin’s. 2012. Tr $24.99. ISBN 978-1-250-00549-6. LC 2012028277.
Adult/High School–Block’s latest is a perfect example of the “new adult” trend. While she is best known for Weetzie Bat (Harper, 1989) and its sequels, which won her the Margaret A. Edwards award, she has also written adult novels throughout her career, and this book straddles both age groups. Ariel and her friend Jeni had planed on attending UC Berkeley together, but when Ariel can’t [...]

Between Violence and Tenderness: Aristotle and Dante Author Sáenz Talks to SLJ


Monday was a very good day for Benjamin Alire Sáenz. His sensitive young adult novel, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, was named for three Youth Media Awards, distinctions that left him both stunned and grateful. SLJ caught up with Sáenz for a revealing chat about his reaction to the YMA wins, his personal inspirations for the book, his writing process, and his next YA project.

‘Nerdfighters’ Sell Out Carnegie Hall to See John and Hank Green Plus Special Guests

Carnegie Hall - John and Hank Green signing small - credit Andrea Fischman

New York City’s Carnegie Hall hosted bestselling YA author John Green and his brother Hank this week at “An Evening of Awesome,” a special performance to a sold-out crowd. The event, which featured numerous special guests and a surprise appearance by Neil Gaiman, was lived-streamed through a special partnership with Tumblr.

Make it a triple

We saw Flight last weekend, and the first two hours were completely riveting both for–SPOILER–the minute-by-minute, you-are-there depiction of a plane flight in increasingly worse trouble; and for Denzel Washington’s portrayal of a bad-boy pilot who enjoys a drink or three. Upon takeoff. But–SPOILERRR–the last twenty minutes encompassed no fewer than three endings as the [...]

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Fly blind, suggests Susan

Illustration by Amy Wasserman.

Horn Book reviewer Susan Dove Lempke writes about being a proud defender of spoilers who met her Kryptonite in Code Name Verity. I recently listened to the fabulous audio edition of the book, and, despite, knowing how everything would turn out, found myself so taken in by the voice that I kept hoping the book [...]

Which would YOU rather read?

  Personally, I find the ARC cover more to my liking (and truer to the story), and the final art makes the book look like it’s about an angel who moonlights as a stripper. But then, I’m not a fourteen-year-old girl.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Emily M. Danforth
Balzer + Bray, February 2012
Reviewed from ARC
There’s a lot to discuss here. A lot of win and a lot of flaw, really.
Let’s start with win, which is the writing.
The writing is mature, sophisticated, free of unnecessary embellishments. There are marks of the author’s MFA; there is a style [...]

Lois Lowry LIVE!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012– 1:00 PM ET Lois Lowry’s breakthrough dystopian novel, The Giver has been read by millions of people around the world. It left many with lingering questions: What happened to Jonas and Gabriel? Is a perfect society possible? What does it mean to live a complete life? With Son, Lowry continues to wrestle with the idea of human freedom while completing the story of Jonas and the baby he rescued.This archive is no longer available