July 25, 2017

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SLJ SummerTeen: Who Will Mend This Broken Heart?

Why can’t teens get enough of romance novels? Because they fill readers with much needed hope and guidance, say a group of YA authors speaking on the August 9 SLJ online event SummerTeen panel, “Who Will Mend This Broken Heart?”

SLJ’s SummerTeen: The Rockin’ Women of YA

Maggie Stiefvater, A.S. King, and other YA authors came together August 9 to talk about possible sequels to their novels, the role of social media in their lives, and their different approaches to writing series.

SLJ SummerTeen 2012: Keynote Speaker Caroline Cooney

Caroline Cooney fans will be pleased to know that the YA author has finished her fifth “Janie” book—a short story called Janie Face to Face.

“I can’t tell you how astonishing it is to me that I have written five books about this girl and this boy, about their families and their friends, who do not exist in real life, but are so large in my heart and my history,” says Cooney, the keynote speaker at Thursday’s SLJ SummerTeen, a daylong online event featuring the hottest names in YA lit. “The fifth book poured out, as if I had known all along what really happened to Janie Johnson and [her boyfriend] Reeve Shields.”

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Maggie Stiefvater

Waitress, calligraphy instructor, and technical editor are just some of the jobs Maggie Stiefvater had before becoming a writer. Now the New York Times bestselling author is busy working on the sequel to The Raven Boys, the first in a four-book series. Stiefvater is a is a guest speaker at SLJ‘s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books.

SLJ SummerTeen Speaker: Marissa Meyer

Meyer is a is a guest speaker at SLJ‘s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Katie Kacvinsky

Kacvinsky is a is a guest speaker at SLJ‘s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Julie Kagawa

A New York Times and internationally bestselling author of “The Iron Fey” series, Julie Kagawa is a is a guest speaker at SLJ’s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books.

SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books

EVENT TIME: Thursday, August 9, 2012, 10:30 AM-5:30 PM ET

Join School Library Journal and SLJTeen for SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books and take your summer reading to new heights! Be the first to find out about the hottest upcoming titles, and attend panels on romance, science fiction, classics and more with YA’s coolest authors.

SLJ SummerTeen Author Interviews

We’ve been talking to the great authors who will be part of our SummerTeen virtual event on August 9. Read on if you missed a few or just want to review as you get prepped for this summer author-palooza! Registration is still open.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Cecil Castellucci

When Cecil Castellucci was in the indie rock band Nerdy Girl, she went by the name of Cecil Seaskull. Now the author of books and graphic novels for young adults has a new release, The Year of the Beasts, and is busy working on The Tin Star, a two-book sci-fi series that takes place on a space station.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Pete Hautman

Pete Hautman is the author of Godless, the 2004 National Book Award-winner in the category of young people’s literature, and most recently LA Times Book Prize winner The Big Crunch, as well as many other books for teens and adults, including Blank Confession, All-In, Rash, No Limit, Invisible, and Mr. Was, which was nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Karen Healey

As a kid, New Zealand-born author Karen Healey wanted to be an astronaut or a dinosaur-hunting cowgirl—but not a writer. Things changed when she was bullied, and she started making up fascinating adventures that “all revolved around me being awesome.”

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Sean Michael Wilson

Scottish comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson has more than a dozen western-style graphic novels and manga-style books released by U.S., U.K. and Japanese publishers (his manga have even been published in the mobile-phone format in Japan). Wilson says he tries to create comic books that are different from the “normal superhero/fantasy brands” and collaborates with a variety of non-comic book organizations, such as charities and museums. His main influences include British and American creators, such as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Eddie Campbell.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Barry Lyga

Having spent his teen years immersed in comic books, Barry Lyga worked for a decade as marketing manager at Diamond Comic Distributors before publishing his first novel, The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl (Houghton Mifflin) in 2006.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Johan Harstad

Harstad, who lives in Oslo, is a guest speaker atSLJ’s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books. If you’ve signed up for SummerTeen, make sure to gather your teens to hear Harstad speak on the “The Science in Science Fiction” panel from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Registration is still open.

Five Questions for Caroline B. Cooney

Veteran YA novelist Caroline B. Cooney is providing the keynote address for School Library Journal‘s upcoming virtual conference, SummerTeen: A Celebration of YA Books, and I thought this would be a good time to ask her about her electronic life–via email, of course.   Roger Sutton: Your latest novel The Lost Songs (Delacorte) relies on […]

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: A.S. King

It took A.S. King (the A.S. stands for Amy Sarig) 15 years and more than seven novels to finally get published. Now, the YA writer can’t seem to get enough praise for her work—Everybody Sees the Ants, about what it means to want to take one’s life, but rising above it so that living becomes the better option, has received six starred reviews, was a 2012 American Library Association Top 10 Book for Young Adults, and an Andre Norton Award nominee. King also wrote the Edgar Award nominated, 2011 Michael L. Printz Honor Book, Please Ignore Vera Dietz, and ALA Best Books for Young Adults and Cybils Award finalist, The Dust of 100 Dogs.

A Guide to SummerTeen

I’m often jealous when I read reports from our contributors about the amazing book events they attend that feature a dazzling array of young adult authors. In fact, part of my motivation in putting together the author-palooza called SummerTeen was to give my fellow teen-lit junkies a chance to indulge themselves in an all-authors, all-the-time experience without having to leave the comfort of their own homes or libraries. I just counted—between our keynote speaker and six panels, SummerTeen will feature 21 authors, speaking about their work, the various genres they write in, and why young adult literature is so important to them. And there might be a few more surprises to come…

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Earl Sewell

Earl Sewell is just one of the many blockbuster authors scheduled to speak at SLJ’s August 9 online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books. We caught up with Sewell, whose novels and “Keysha and Friends” series have made him a huge hit with librarians and teens, to talk about his work and writing for a YA audience.

SLJ’s SummerTeen Speaker: Gareth Hinds

SLJ’s online event, SummerTeen: A Celebration of Young Adult Books, is just one month away, and we’ve asked some of your favorite participating authors a few questions in advance of the August 9 show. First up is Gareth Hinds, whose graphic novels include Beowulf, a retelling of the oldest extant poem in English, and an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.