July 25, 2014

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From Mud Huts to An American Icon | Nonfiction Notes, May 2013

the conquest of everest

Combining excellent texts and outstanding visuals, this month’s group of new titles are must-have purchases for libraries and classrooms looking to expand their nonfiction collections.

Nonfiction roundup

Well, perhaps less of a round up than an offering of two books — two books that I don’t think will go the distance in PrintzLand (although of course only time will tell). We’re looking at the Freedman book on Lincoln and Douglass and the Aronson book on J. Edgar Hoover. My problems with each [...]

News Bites: Win Big with Verizon’s App Challenge


Verizon’s App Challenge is designed to increase student interest in STEM while offering a project-based experience that develops teamwork among students. Groups of 5-10 students are encouraged to develop an app that addresses a need or problem in their school or community.