June 29, 2016

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Strong Bodies, Healthy Minds: Rosen Teen Health & Wellness | Reference Online


Whether seeking information for reports or for personal reasons, users will find a trove of material with Rosen Teen Health &Wellness.

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Nutrition, Social Deviance, and Political Controversy | Reference


Reference reviews cover a variety of topics. Check out The Encyclopedia of Social Deviance for a breakdown of taboos, and dive into From Famine to Fast Food, for everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition.

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Reference Book Reviews | June 2013

Native People of the World

Referencing American Presidents, immigration, and education.

Book Giveaway… Les Misérables: From Stage to Screen

If I can appreciate all the work that authors Nightingale and Palmer put into this book, imagine how genuine fans might feel…

Exploring Common Core’s Informational Text… with Violent Video Games

I’ll hazard that many of us don’t immediately think “games” when we think of “transliteracy,” but why not?

Review: ‘American Presidents and First Ladies’

While embedded videos and plentiful images offer a look at presidents in action, factual errors and typos mar this app.

Title: American Presidents and First Ladies
Author: Marc Schulman
Developed by: Multieducator, Inc.
Platform: iOS, requires 5.0 or later
Version: 1.0
Price: $.99
Gr 5 Up-Every […]

What Is the Future of Reference?

From the left (left image): Rocco Staino; Barbara Genco, Library Journal's manager of special projects; and Christopher Harris. From the left (right image):Jon Gregory, Matt Andros, Roger Rosen, Diana McDermott, and Geraldine Curran.  Photographs by Sean McGinty.

The world of reference is moving at warp speed these days. Public library patrons are used to Wikipedia and expect the same convenience when it comes to library resources. And in many school libraries, budget crunches, technology issues, and Common Core standards have made librarians’ jobs even more, shall we say, exciting. Wouldn’t you love to sit down with some of the world’s leading reference publishers and say, “Hey, wait a second! This is what we need you to do to make our libraries better”?