March 24, 2017

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The Importance of Play | Professional Shelf

The cooperative games

When block and housekeeping corners give way to flash cards and workbooks, children don’t necessarily benefit academically.

Why toys should be in every children’s department—and how to make it happen | First Steps


Here are easy ideas for integrating the learning power of play into your public library.

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Weaving Together Touch and Digital into Early Childhood Play

Weaving Together Touch and Digital into Early Childhood Play

Experts have found that physical touch and hand movements are important for brain development and learning—crucial aspects to be aware of when creating apps and other digital programs for children.

Read, Play, Grow!: Enhancing early literacy at Brooklyn Public Library

All photographs ©Philip Greenberg/Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library.

Research has long supported the importance of play in early literacy, yet many parents remain mystified about how to engage with young children in fun activities, particularly at the pre-verbal stage. Enter the library.