July 26, 2016

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Liven Up Your Obligatory (and Necessary) Library Orientation | Tech Tidbits


A good library orientation can make the rest of the year easier for students and teachers, as well as for you and your staff. Make it fun and the facts will be more memorable. This year, the Guybrarian is using the scavenger hunt method, with a few tech twists.

I’m a librarian: that’s my j-o-b

Im a librarian: thats my j o b

We don’t read all day.  Our hair’s not in a bun. We don’t all wear glasses. Don’t always says shush.  We do love books. We’re the bosses at the Internet.  We do provide the freedom to escape the room you’re sitting in.  . . We’re on a quest to teach you how to find the […]