September 18, 2017

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Titles to Inspire Tweens and Teens to “Build a Better World” This Summer

Nonfiction Notions columnist Jennifer Wharton highlights a few titles perfect for this year’s Collaborative Summer Learning Program theme, “Build a Better World.”

Comical Information | Nonfiction Notions

Can the graphic novel format ever be considered “true” nonfiction? For librarian Jennifer Wharton, who recommended several recent favorites, they occupy a space between fiction and nonfiction, offering readers a highly accessible and exciting entry into informational text.

Series for Every Type of Reluctant Reader | Nonfiction Notions

Librarian Jennifer Wharton explains the three major reluctant reader types and recommends high-interest titles for each.

Excellent Narrative Nonfiction Mentor Texts | Nonfiction Notions

Narrative nonfiction offers opportunities to teach students how to structure a research project, pose questions, investigate sources, and draw conclusions. These five titles are ideal mentor texts for use in classrooms and curricula.

Selecting and Promoting Nonfiction in Your Library | Nonfiction Notions

Welcome to Nonfiction Notions, a new column devoted to exploring and recommending middle grade nonfiction. If you and your readers have always thought that nonfiction meant boring textbooks, dry as dust tomes, or—gasp!—factoid books with no redeeming qualities, think again! There’s a whole world of amazing middle grade narrative and expository nonfiction waiting to entice readers.