April 30, 2017

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Los Angeles School Libraries Losing Materials as They Lose Librarians

Los Angeles K–12 schools, already operating with a paucity of teacher librarians, also have a shortage of library aides. Some school libraries are being run by volunteers—violating the school district’s own rules, and resulting in the loss of millions of dollars of materials.

Los Angeles School Employees Charged in Textbook Theft Ring

Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged 12 school employees, including two librarians, with stealing at least thousands of textbooks from their school districts—four of the nation’s poorest—for a book buyer, who allegedly paid them $200,000 in bribes, the Los Angeles Times has reported.

Los Angeles School District Spends On Technology, Not To Restore Librarians

The Los Angeles Unified School District avoided additional cuts to educators and support personnel for the first time in five years, saving 208 mental health counselors, librarians, library aides and social worker positions, and is instead allocating $50 million to tablets, laptops, and other technology tools.