February 26, 2017

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CC’s Seventh Shift | On Common Core

Librarian and student using the computer

The very language of the Common Core State Standards calls for librarians’ key skills: research; equipping students to access, evaluate, and synthesize information; and strengthening literacy. Paige Jaeger, a coordinator of school library services in Saratoga Springs, NY argues that librarians can build a strong case for a seventh shift in the CCSS: research.

Exploring the Universe | Focus On


An assortment of recent books that examine both historical milestones and current research in exploring our solar system and beyond.

Must-have Board Books for Early Childhood Collections


A selection of tried-and-true titles that babies and toddlers adore.

Give ’Em Chalk: Hands-On Learning Is Fun and Builds Literacy Skills | Editorial


The most exciting time for a kindergarten teacher is when a kid looks up and says, ‘Hey, I can read!’” Fostering early literacy is the focus of our very first theme issue. We’re also debuting a new look, with some significant improvements to the all-important reviews section.

Bilingual Storytime Selections | Libro por libro


Surefire Spanish-language and bilingual books and programming suggestions to share with toddlers and their caregivers for a multilingual storytime. From nursery rhymes to board books, these titles will delight children and adults alike.

A Formal Challenge Process Provides Teaching Moments | Scales on Censorship


Chair of the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee Pat Scales tackles censorship questions about The Hunger Games, grammar in “Junie B. Jones” series, and why reporting materials challenges to the ALA OIF is so important.

Open Late: Libraries Must Be Available When Kids Do Schoolwork | Soapbox


Emily Gover and Caity Selleck, information literacy librarians and content developers for EasyBib and its new platform, ResearchReady, posit that libraries should stay open later hours in order to serve students’ research needs.

Read, Play, Grow!: Enhancing early literacy at Brooklyn Public Library

All photographs ©Philip Greenberg/Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library.

Research has long supported the importance of play in early literacy, yet many parents remain mystified about how to engage with young children in fun activities, particularly at the pre-verbal stage. Enter the library.

Blogging for Reluctant Writers: Have students share their ideas using sound and video

Blogging for Reluctant Writers: Have students share their ideas using sound and video

Here Richard Byrne covers sound and video applications that enable students to blog—without writing, from SoundCloud and Animoto to a new audio slideshow tool called Narrable.

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books | July 2013

APP: Little Red Riding Hood

A stellar new production by the ever-inventive team at Nosy Crow, a Earth-bound intergalactic duo, and an interactive trip back in time to 79 CE, share this month’s list of favorite apps.

Multimedia Reviews | July 2013

Cover - Miss Nina: sha doo be doop.

The July issue features a baker’s dozen of starred DVD and audio reviews, from a fabulous made-for-TV version of Les Miserables to an audiobook about the making of the atomic bomb to a documentary about The Central Park Five. Be sure to check out all the starred reviews and visit Book Verdict for all the reviews in this month’s issue.

The Early Bird: How Sesame Workshop is adapting its revolutionary educational content for devices

A young tester puts an app through its paces at the offices of Sesame Workshop.

A peek behind the scenes of Sesame Workshop, which is negotiating the digital shift with care. The venerable brand has conducted more than 76 tests over two and a half years to understand how children, ages three to five, adopt and adapt to touch devices in their learning.

Book Review: Preschool to Grade 4 Fiction | July 2013

Image from: Sophie’s Squash (Miller), ©2013 by Anne Wilsdorf

Stories about cats, dogs, and shark babies.

Book Review: Grades 5-8 Fiction | July 2013

Grade 5-8 Book Covers

Stories set in a Texas swamp, Victorian England, and Vermont.

Book Review: Grades 9 Up Fiction | July 2013

Covers for Grades 9 & Up Fiction

Historical fiction about India on the brink of partition, suspense featuring a psychic wunderkind, and a Sarah Dessen novel.

Book Review: Preschool to Grade 4 Nonfiction | July 2013


“Korean Nursery Rhymes” and the Pinkneys’ “Martin & Mahalia”.

Book Review: Graphic Novels | July 2013

Graphic Novels Book Covers

Matt Phelan on Buster Keaton.

Book Review: Grades 5 & Up Nonfiction | July 2013

Book Covers for Grades 5 & Up Nonfiction

Navigating school successfully, a global perspective on bikes, “The Hatfields & the McCoys”.

Book/Multimedia Review Stars List | July 2013

Image from, The day the crayons Quit (Daywalt)

Drew Daywalt on crayons, graphic novels by Gene Luen Yang, and much more…

School Librarians Need Support | Feedback


Here is some feedback in response to Rebecca T. Miller’s editorial, “It’s Time to Step Up” (June 2013, p. 11) about the need for the American Library Association (ALA) to become actively engaged in advocating for school librarians and provide administrators with solid data on their value to our children’s success.