February 23, 2017

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Watch and Read—Spotlight on Media Tie-ins: Fairy Fanfare: TV’s Winx Club


Fans of all things fey will enjoy Winx Club, a TV series about a flight of stylish teenage fairies with an updated look and an array of magical abilities. In addition to dolls, dress-up accessories, and video games, the franchise also includes fun, fast-moving chapter books and graphic novels based on the TV show.

On the Radar: Top Picks from the Editors at Junior Library Guild: New Books to Make You L-O-L

Illus. book cover with little girl and lion

Amidst all the stories filled with angst, broken hearts, and vampires, books that make you laugh-out-loud are a welcome respite. This fall offers many selections for young readers that will tickle their funny bone. Be sure to read these aloud. We could all use a good laugh from time to time.