December 9, 2016

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A Literacy Lesson from China: What an Exuberant Culture of Reading Can Teach Us


The objective of a dynamic literacy initiative in some Chinese schools is not to raise reading scores but to develop positive reading attitudes that inspire children to read more at school and at home—and therefore to read, write, speak, and spell better throughout their lives.

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Recommended Comics for Schools: Pippi Moves In, An Inspector Calls, District Comics, A Chinese Life

…can I help it if so many great graphic titles have been published this year?

A Child’s Eye-View of China | Interview

Little White Duck (Martinez, Liu)
by Martinez

Na Liu was born in a suburb of Wuhan, China, in 1973. She became a scientific researcher and physician, and moved to America to work at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Austin, TX. There she met her husband, the artist Andrés Vera Martínez.