October 24, 2014

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Fusenews: This. That. Those. (A Trilogy)

Fusenews: This. That. Those. (A Trilogy)

As per usual there are some Wild Things links I’d love to share today.  Lemme see here . . . Well we got a real stunner of a review over at Chapter 16.  That’s some good and gorgeous stuff going down there. Phil Nel called us “Punchy, lively, and carefully researched.”   The blog The [...]

In Honor of Baseball’s All-Star Game, A Book to Pre-Order

Student sports fans (in this case, baseball fans specifically) can leverage their outside-of-school literacies to comprehend and appreciate the sophisticated cartoons and high-level text.

With ‘42’ in Theaters, Here’s a Free Movie Starring Jackie Robinson

With ‘42’ in Theaters, Here’s a Free Movie Starring Jackie Robinson

Alfred Green’s 1950 film, made at the height of Robinson’s career, is in the public domain…

JLG’s On the Radar: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (But Bring a Book)


Baseball season is on its way. The following baseball-themed selections are more than entertainment; they inspire students to hit their own home runs and to make the best of the strikes life throws their way.

Batter Up! Great New Books About Baseball


This grand-slam lineup of titles about baseball illustrate why the sport is still America’s pastime.

Pick of the Day: Take Me Out to the Yakyu

Yakyu in bold red capital letters

American and Japanese baseball compared

Touch and Go: Play Ball!

Bottom of the Ninth (Ryan Woodard Art & Animation)

Baseball season may be coming to an end, but a true fan’s enthusiasm for the sport never wanes. Reason enough to consider two new digital products for your iPad: Ryan Woodward’s Bottom of the Ninth and The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The first is an animated graphic novel, the second, a reference guide. Here’s what our reviewers had to say about these releases.