September 24, 2017

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How Mad Will Donald Trump Be About The Books He’s Inspired?

I don’t like talking politics on this blog much. A) Because those sorts of discussions lead to endless debate, and I like my debate to have an end, and B) Because I worry about you if you’re expecting cogent political commentary from the guy who thinks about applying the twist ending of Planet of the […]

The 2017 National Book Awards Longlist: Young People’s Literature

The list was just announced – here they are:

5 Books I Like to Read with Students Before We Check Out Books

The school year is rolling now, folks. Students at my K-4 school library are checking out books this week, so we’re talking about book selection and care. Here are the titles we’re reading before sending students off to the stacks. With kindergarten students I like to read . . . When rhyming text works, it’s […]

The Newsletter is Alive!

I sent out the first monthly installment of From the Desk of 100 Scope Notes on Friday. I tried my best to keep it interesting – you can click here to see it (the giveaway copy of Violet is already spoken for, though). If you like the looks of it, click here to subscribe and never miss the […]

The Top 10 Most Banned Books on Labor Day

You might think Labor Day is a nice national holiday. But it’s also a day marked by acts of attempted censorship. Just take a look at the books people have tried to have banned on this day: 10) Guys, guys – take it easy. 9) Don’t even think about it today. 8) It doesn’t work […]

Notes on August 2017

In August . . . . . . I posed a challenge. It was the third installment of Name That LEGO Book Cover! GOOD NIGHT, HUGO — Travis Jonker (@100scopenotes) August 12, 2017 . . . Hugo Cabret continued to be my technology north star. He showed me how to use Instagram Face Filters. Thanks, Hugo. . […]

Predictions! 2017 NYT Best Illustrated Books

I was on a roll. Things were going just great. I correctly predicted a few books that appeared on the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book list in 2014 and again in 2015. And then 2016 came around. Last year I correctly picked . . . zero books. Zero! But did that knock me […]

Enter the March (Trilogy Slipcase Set) Giveaway

It’s been my summer tradition to read the books in the March series by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell. So even though it came out a year ago, has been well covered . . . . . . and won all the awards . . . . . . I just finished this final book […]

A Giveaway! (Oh, and a Newsletter)

Oh yes, I’m starting a newsletter. If you sign up, it will be delivered to your inbox on the first Friday of each month (beginning in September) and is likely to include: Book recommendations – for kids, grown-ups, and grown-ups who like books for kids. Drawings. Scribblings. Crudely drawn comics. Stuff like that. The occasional […]

Book Title Toons: This Book

(Click Images to Enlarge) Previously . . . Book Title Toons: Brothers Book Title Toons: It Ain’t Easy

Hugo Cabret: My Technology North Star

You know what I like about Hugo Cabret? Guy is always on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it’s vintage automatons (see above) or the latest apps, he inspires me to try new things. I mean, he introduced me to Snapchat. He taught me how to use FaceApp. Sometimes I’ll just ask to see his […]

Learning Your ABCs

Ah, August – the only month when it seems reasonable to make the alphabet using the first letter from book titles. Click below to see the results. ?? “ABCs” — Travis Jonker (@100scopenotes) August 10, 2017

On This Day (ish) in Scope Notes History . . .

Part of the fun of blogging is the ephemeral nature of the medium – you write a post, put it up quickly, maybe some folks read it, and then it fades away in a hurry. On to the next post. But – PROBLEM – now I’m stuck with this stockpile of ridiculous stuff that never […]

Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#3)

I used this website to (virtually) create 3 LEGO book covers. They’re listed from least challenging to most challenging – see how many you can name. Answer Answer Answer How’d you do? Previously . . . Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#1) Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#2)

Notes on July 2017

In July . . . . . . I talked about zines, punk, and librarianship with debut author Celia C. Perez. Also discussed: her upcoming book The First Rule of Punk. . . . we saw stars More accurately, starred reviews (thanks to the database created by Jen J.). Which books have received the most […]

5 Books I’m Bringing on Vacation and Why

We’re heading north for a bit. I’m bringing these five books with me: The Book: The Summer Book by Tove Jansson Why? I am a Moomin fan and this book by Moomin creator Tove Jansson just keeps popping up during my internet wanderings as one worth checking out. It’s about a girl spending a summer living […]

You Know What This Children’s Book Needs? More Fidget Spinner

Some books are more popular than others. We all know this. It’s a fact of librarian life. But what if I told you that I had a surefire way to instantly make every book in your library insanely popular? I do. What that book needs is more fidget spinner. Johnny Tremain not quite circulating like […]

The Most Astonishingly Unconventional Children’s Books of 2017

I love it when a book leaves me stunned (in a good way). Pushing the envelope. Pushing boundaries. Pushing buttons. Here’s to children’s books that expand our assumptions of what a children’s book can be. Previously . . . The Most Astonishingly Unconventional Children’s Books of 2016 The Wildest Children’s Books of 2015 The Wildest […]

Get Some Original Art You Can Bring to the Beach

Tundra Books is turning 50 this year and to celebrate they had a crew of wonderful illustrators lay down some original art on Tundra tote bags. They are auctioning the bags right now (auction ends THIS FRIDAY, July 28th). Want to own an original work by the likes of Julie Morstad, Ashley Spires, Kenard Pak, […]

Exclusive Book Trailer Premiere: WHERE OLIVER FITS by Cale Atkinson

Do you know about Cale Atkinson? Maybe you’ve read some of his books? He has a new one coming September 5th called Where Oliver Fits. Today we have a first look at the trailer for the book. A book which had a very cool puzzle cover reveal a few months back: It’s a race against […]