March 31, 2015

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Incredible Numbers and iF Poetry | Best of Apps & Enhanced Books, June

Incredible Numbers ©Touch Press/Profile Books.

There’s poetry in numbers as iPad viewers discover this month.

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Best of Apps & Enhanced Books | July 2013

APP: Little Red Riding Hood

A stellar new production by the ever-inventive team at Nosy Crow, a Earth-bound intergalactic duo, and an interactive trip back in time to 79 CE, share this month’s list of favorite apps.

Touch and Go Lives!

Touch and Go logo

After a brief hiatus during the transition to our new website, our app reviews are back—with a few changes. First, you’ll notice they have moved from School Library Journal’s blog roll into a column, pushing out in our Extra Helping enewsletter. Archived reviews can be found on the SLJ website under “Blogs and Columns.” However, to ensure you receive all of our postings, be sure to add “Touch and Go” to your RSS feed.