August 28, 2015

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Celebrating edcamp, libcamp, unconference

For me, it’s been an unconferency kinda week–a celebration of the informal, participant-driven learning experiences that have made huge impact on professional learning culture. 1. On Monday, I was honored to be invited to attend a little 5th birthday party featuring an extraordinary present.  The EdCamp Foundation announced the gift of a $2 million dollar, no strings […]

This Week’s Comics: Amazing Adventures

Pick up a pile of books from this week’s list. Archie Comics completes the Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man/Capcom mega crossover with Mega Man #52, while IDW releases Samurai Jack Vol 4, the trade that collects the final issues of the series. Yen Press releases vol. 6 of Barakamon, one of their few all ages titles, […]

The Yarn: Episode 6 – Lark Pien

What is The Yarn? S1 E6 – Lark Pien Lark Pien is a comics creator (Long Tail Kitty) and colorist (Boxers & Saints, Sunny Side Up). I talked to her about walking away from a job in architecture to persue her passion for comics. My favorite part of the interview is at the 10:44 mark, when […]

Friday Finds – August 21, 2015

This Week at TLT Sunday Reflections: When the Tornado Warning Comes, things I’ve learned about a library in crisis Book Review: Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler (reviewed by Lexi) Middle Grade Monday – Maker Space What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA This Fall Review From This Month’s School Library Journal: The Sleeper and the […]

The Yarn: Episode 5 – David Saylor (Plus Behind-the-Scenes Sketches of Sunny Side Up)

What is The Yarn? S1 E5 – David Saylor Over a decade ago art director David Saylor had a good idea  – to create a comics-focused imprint called Graphix. The first Graphix book was Bone #1: Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith. A pretty good start. We talked to David about how he got into comics, the decision […]

MakerSpace: Green Screen Tips

I spent part of my summer learning how to do green screen from my niece, who goes by The Mustache Man on YouTube. She saved up her birthday and Christmas money to buy a green screen. She is hard core about making movies for her YouTube channel. She writes a script, auditions her friends, has […]

Oh look, another newsletter

Look for The Horn Book’s new quarterly newsletter, WHAT MAKES A GOOD…? debuting on August 26th with “What Makes Good Narrative Nonfiction?” The issue features Five Questions for Steve Sheinkin, an essay about how to select NNF by the Junior Library Guild’s Deborah Brittain Ford, and brief reviews of our choices for the best narrative nonfiction published for kids […]

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Book Review: Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian

Publisher’s Description: From William C. Morris YA Debut Award nominee Carrie Mesrobian, Cut Both Ways is an unflinching look at a high school senior who must come to terms with his attraction to both his girlfriend and his male best friend. It took Will Caynes seventeen years to have his first kiss. He should be […]

Review: ‘Superman: The Men of Tomorrow’

Superman: The Men of Tomorrow Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson DC Comics; $25 Rated T for Teen Superman may be DC’s flagship character, and his comic book one of their foundational ones, but Superman has been particularly troubled since the 2011 New 52 relaunch, running through writers and artists at […]

The Yarn: Episode 4 – Phil Falco (Plus How The Yarn Logo Was Made)

What is The Yarn? S1 E4 – Phil Falco Phil Falco is an art director and cover designer for Scholastic. You may not know his name, but if you’ve ever seen the books Smile, Amulet, or Tales from Outer Suburbia (and many others), you know his work. We talked to Phil about all kinds of cover-related […]

Fuse #8 TV: Kevin Sherry

After a brief hiatus I’m back with my regular interview series, Fuse #8 TV. By complete coincidence (fortune favors the busy) I didn’t have an interview slated when I was in the thick of my move to Evanston. Now that I’m safely ensconced in Illinois (albeit with oddly empty bookshelves) I’m fully ready and prepared […]

By any media necessary

Intensely political years present rich opportunities for teaching and learning.  As we enter the 2015/16 school year, I suspect we’ll see a bounty of resources to aid in the teaching of civic engagement and media literacy. One highly engaging, high quality resource high school and university instructors, and especially librarians, will want to grab right […]

MakerSpace: Making Movie Magic with Tweens and Teens in the Library

Later today I’m giving a webinar with the Florida Library Webinars on Making Movies with Tweens and Teens. Below is the powerpoint and a few additional links I have found to get you started. I’m not incredibly great at making movies, but this is a good tool to get you started with the basics. This […]

Review From This Month’s School Library Journal: The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell

When I’m reviewing books for professional publications, I stay quiet about them on social media. I’m always really excited once a review comes out to be able to talk about the book, finally! Here’s one of my most recent reviews, which originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of School Library Journal.   Gaiman, Neil. The Sleeper and […]

Review: Bizarro #1-2

Bizarro, an imperfect clone of Superman, and Jimmy Olsen, photojournalist for the Daily Planet and friend of Clark Kent, embark on a journey of discovery as the pair, joined by Colin the Chupacabra, take a roadtrip to that land of Bizarro America, Canada. Review: Bizarro #1-2 Written by Heath Corson; Art by Gustavo Duarte; Coloring […]

The Yarn: Episode 3 – David Levithan

What is The Yarn? S1 E3 – David Levithan David Levithan is probably best known as a New York Times bestselling YA author. By day, he works with other writers’ words. We talked to David about how he juggles editing books and writing his own. I love when David starts talking about bias in children’s books. […]

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA This Fall

Every other month I’ll be doing a roundup of new and forthcoming YA books (and sometimes some non-YA books) featuring LGBTQIA+ characters. I’ll try to include as many titles as possible. Know of a title I missed in this list? Or know of a forthcoming title that should be on my radar for an upcoming list? Leave […]

Review: ‘Looney Tunes #226′

Looney Tunes #226 Writers: Bill Matheny and Sholly Fisch Artists: Dave Alvarez, Walter Carzon, and Horacio Ottolini DC Comics; $2.99 Rated E, for Everyone Preview here. So what’s the first thing that jumps out at you regarding the cover of the latest issue of DC’s Looney Tunes comic series? For me, it was the issue […]

The Yarn: Episode 2 – Raina Telgemeier

What is The Yarn? S1 E2 – Raina Telgemeier We talked to the creator of Smile, Drama, and Sisters about growing up, getting into comics, and what it feels like to be the face of graphic novel memoir for kids. This was the first interview we did for The Yarn, but we almost didn’t make […]

Middle Grade Monday – Maker Space

We are about to launch our Maker Space in our school library media center – it is going to be what is referred to as a ‘soft launch.’ Our technology facilitator and one of our classroom teachers are really the driving force behind this initiative, and much more familiar with the items we have purchased. […]