January 20, 2017

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The Problem with Student Privacy, and How To Protect It


Strategies for safeguarding student data in schools and libraries, and student privacy in general, in the information age.

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Snapchatting “The Odyssey”: An Epic Success


A librarian-teacher team figure out how to get a group of reluctant learners excited about a required project on Homer’s epic poem: Snapchat.

What He Did for Love….of Books | Picture of the Week


An Illinois school library fundraiser brought thrills and chills.

Schools in Gatlinburg, TN, Begin Long Recovery from Wildfires


“Mountain tough” students and their families are determined to rebuild after natural disaster strikes.

New York City’s LGBTQ Writers in Schools Program a Growing Success


The groundbreaking initiative is bringing authors into schools to talk openly with students about their work.

High School Library Coloring Center De-Stresses Students


Coloring is the new meditation, as one group of high school students (and staff) in California discovered.

Parent Objects to Depiction of Islam in Textbook


A middle school parent in Tennessee has asked that ‘My World History’ be removed from the seventh grade curriculum.

These Superintendents Are Sold on Libraries | Editorial


Four influential superintendents see libraries as catalysts for school success—and librarians as change agents in a disrupted learning landscape.

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A Homecoming and a Rallying Cry for NYC School Librarians


A driving rain couldn’t keep librarians from Citi Field for the New York City School Library System 27th Annual Fall Conference.

K.C. Boyd: A Leader for Readers


A librarian brings lessons from a Chicago high school to a new library leadership post at the East St. Louis (IL) School District.

This article was published in School Library Journal's November 2016 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

The Bridge to Brilliance | Professional Shelf


Despite, or because of, discouraging statistics, an educator commits herself to improving student performance in a struggling urban neighborhood.

Credo, AR State University Partner to Boost College Readiness


The Literati High School Partnership aims to support research at the middle and high school level and ease students’ transition to college-level learning.

Struck by Tragedy, a NY High School Heals Through “Compassionate Making”


A small army of “maker activists,” led by a library media specialist, is improving the lives of the needy one project at a time.

The Superhero Librarian Within | Take the Lead


Perhaps you feel unworthy or unready to be a leader. But you can do it. You must: people are counting on you.

At the Intersection of Libraries and Museums


For librarians promoting information literacy and the evaluation of resources, museums—however unconventional—are fertile grounds for incorporating primary sources in lessons and activities.

All Schools Need Book Challenge Policies


Jamie LaRue, director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, responds to SLJ‘s survey and points to resources that help librarians create policies and field challenges.

All About Escape Rooms


Can you find the missing scientist? Travel back in time to ancient Egypt? Escape room games use problem-solving skills to boost curriculum—and they’re fun. Play one here.

Three Strategies for When the Going Gets Tough | Take the Lead


When Lilead Fellow and former district library services supervisor Leslie Yoder faced staff cuts and low morale, she kept fighting. Here’s how.

Lilead Project Receives IMLS Support for New Round of Fellows


The Lilead Project, established in 2012 to support and build community among U. S. school library supervisors, has received an IMLS grant to continue its Lilead Fellows program and to create the Lilead Leaders initiative for advocacy and activism.

Chicago Public Schools Continue To Cut Deeply Into Educator, Librarian Positions


The latest layoffs follow a trend that has plagued CPS, and the state of Illinois, where school librarian positions continue to drop.