March 27, 2015

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Spokes People | SLJ Spotlight


Two nonfiction picture books reimagine the benefits of bicycles.

Get Your Head in the Game: Sports in YA | SLJ Spotlight


Sensational sports titles to get teens’ adrenaline pumping.

Avast, Ye Landlubbers! | SLJ Spotlight


Four fantastical middle grade tales of pirate adventures, both in this world and beyond.

Growing Up in a Cult | SLJ Spotlight


Four titles that deflty tackle the unusual, unsettling topic of teens growing up in cultlike envinronments.

Cheep Thrills | SLJ Spotlight


Three chuckle-worthy titles about chicken adventures.

Dreaming of Spring | SLJ Spotlight


Some perfect picture books to welcome the start of the spring season.

Calling All Environmentalists | SLJ Spotlight


Four nonfiction titles take an innovative approach to ecology.

Strike A (Yoga ) Pose | SLJ Spotlight

yoga game

Two titles explore the benefits of yoga for a young audience.

Animals as We’ve Never Seen Them | SLJ Spotlight


Four nonfiction titles that portray animals in an unusual (and sometimes endearing) light.

Far-Out Science Fiction | SLJ Spotlight


Four out-of-this-world YA novels that will grab teens’ attention.

Stand-Alone Sequels | SLJ Spotlight


Three middle grade series installments that can be enjoyed all on their own.

Primates on Parade | SLJ Spotlight


These five new primate titles are for perfect for young readers that like to monkey around!

Artists Making Inroads | SLJ Spotlight


Entertainment pioneers overcome discrimination and obstacles in these uplifting nonfiction titles.

College Daze: YA Novels that Tackle the Undergraduate Years | SLJ Spotlight


Three YA novels explore the limbo between high school and college.

Tense Pasts: Middle-Grade Historical Fiction | SLJ Spotlight


These middle grade novels explore adventures set in older times.

Early Chapter Books to Cheer About | SLJ Spotlight


Six great new titles to help early readers hone their skills.

Plucked from obscurity: biographies with new and intriguing subjects | SLJ Spotlight


These new nonfiction titles highlight lesser-known historical figures.

Curl up with these books about bears | SLJ Spotlight


Four children’s titles explore the wacky lives of bears.

#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Realistic fiction with diverse protagonists | SLJ Spotlight

Diamond Boy

Three teen titles highlight diverse protagonists whose stories are not often told.

Secret agents, robot chickens, and zombies | SLJ Spotlight


These zany middle grade titles are perfect shelf bait for reluctant readers.