February 10, 2016

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Brand New Middle Grade Debuts | SLJ Spotlight

KNIGHT, Mary. Saving Wonder

From quirky mysteries and intricate steampunk adventures to environmental allegory and multi-layered fantasy, this crop of fresh new voices on the middle grade scene should find a place on library shelves and in the hands of eager young readers.

Our Bodies, Our Shelves | SLJ Spotlight

Higgins.Feminism_Reinventing the F Word

From sex and gender to reproductive rights, these recent offerings make complex topics accessible and ensure that teenagers will be informed about issues that affect them.

Blast to the Recent Past | SLJ Spotlight

HITCHCOCK, Bonnie-Sue. The Smell of Other People’s Houses

The following YA titles take place from the 1970s to the mid-aughts, each offering a glimpse of the recent past, and perhaps a little bit of hindsight.

Saying Goodbye | SLJ Spotlight

ELLIS, Sarah. Ben Says Goodbye.

These tender and affecting picture books deal with loss in an honest and age-appropriate way. While diverse in their subject matter and style, all of the books have a gentle tone, and offer positive and hopeful ways to cope with them.

Family Matters | SLJ Spotlight


From struggling to find footing as a foster kid to having a mom with depression, these YA titles are about working through real-life situations.

Hillary: Beyond the Headlines | SLJ Spotlight

Hillary Rodham Clinton A Woman Living History

Several recently reviewed books take a close look a presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton.

Magical Mysteries | SLJ Spotlight

The Deadly 7

Who’s the Roald Dahl of today? Well, filling those storied shoes is a tall order, but there are some excellent and emerging middle grade authors who are taking up the task.

Second That Emotion | SLJ Spotlight

the color monster

Several recently reviewed picture books for young children tackle the complexities of emotion.

Friday Night Lights & Romance | SLJ Spotlight


Two new YA titles combine sports and sparks of romance.

Good Grief | SLJ Spotlight


Three titles tackle “tough topics” for middle graders seeking darker reads.

It’s a Small World After All | SLJ Spotlight


Three new nonfiction titles that help make the world just a little bit smaller for young readers.

Creepy & Spooky Tales for Teens | SLJ Spotlight


Five creepy titles for teen horror fans.

Ten Years Later: Hurricane Katrina


Published to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, several new titles revisit this moment in history with clarity, compassion, and an appreciation for the resiliency demonstrated by those impacted.

Tales Of The Greatest Generation |SLJ Spotlight


Diverse new titles for young WWII buffs.

Wherefore Art Thou Will? | SLJ Spotlight


Four titles modernize Shakespeare for the next generation.

Look and Look Again | SLJ Spotlight


Four new titles provide exciting, interactive quests for young readers.

Furry And Fierce | SLJ Spotlight


Five adventure-packed middle grade titles featuring darling and daring animal heroes.

Au Naturel | SLJ Spotlight


Four nonfiction titles to inspire young naturalists.

Superpowered Heroines | SLJ Spotlight


Five exciting new titles feature fierce female superheroes.

Be Part Of The Solution | SLJ Spotlight


Three standout nonfiction titles spotlight social justice causes.