July 30, 2014

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Caillou, Josephine Baker, and Music Galore | Multimedia Reviews


Reviews of DVDs and audiobook for kids of every age, plus a roundup of children’s music

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Teens Review ‘Divergent’ Soundtrack, Shakira, and “Plants vs. Zombies” | Music and Games

Divergent soundtrack

Teens who went crazy for the “Divergent” series and film adaptation will want the soundtrack on autoplay. Think it would be hard for Shakira to surprise you? Her 10th studio album will. Need help keeping the zombies off your lawn? Sign up for Garden Warfare, the latest in the “Plants vs. Zombies” game franchise.

A Young Saudi Arabian Girl Refuses to Conform in Wadjda | DVD Pick


This nuanced, achingly poignant, and sensitive story of a rebellious girl navigating the difficult terrain of a repressive culture will invite comparisons to Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s Persepolis.

Children Brave Monsters Both Real and Imagined in ‘How To Catch a Bogle’ | Audio Pick


This action-packed story about dangerous, child-eating monsters in Victorian England comes alive through well-paced, dramatically voiced narration.

Lincoln@Gettysburg Examines the Role of Telegraph During Lincoln’s Presidency | DVD Pick

Lincoln DVD

History classes studying the Civil War can utilize this outstanding film for a fresh look at a well-worn topic and to contemplate how Lincoln would have used Twitter or other social media.

Teens Review the Latest from The Fray, Foster the People, Donkey Kong | Music and Games

Donkey Kong Tropcial Freeze

Donkey Kong goes way north with Tropical Freeze, while The Fray and Foster the People continue the climb to the top of the charts with their latest albums, Helios and Supermodel.

Courageous African American WWII Sailors Profiled in The Port Chicago 50 | Audio Pick

Port Chicago 50 Audio

This powerful book that tells the story of brave men who fought the entrenched system of segregation found within the U.S. military during World War II takes on ever greater depth in audio.

Lincoln, Bogles, and the Port Chicago 50 | Multimedia Reviews


DVDs and audiobooks for preschool through high school

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Where Babies Come From, a Jazz Legend, & One Brave Chicken | Stars List, April 2014


From an ode to an innovative jazz musician to an unreliable narrator-driven YA novel, check out the book and multimedia titles that made SLJ’s April list of stellar offererings.

This article was published in School Library Journal's April 2014 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Pick of the Day: Fortunately, the Milk | Audio

Fortunately, the Milk

Hilarious, captivating, and just plain fun, this is a production not to miss.

Pick of the Day: Nicky’s Family | DVD

Nicky's Family

A top choice for Holocaust studies and profoundly memorable.

Film Review: The Nonstop Action of ‘Divergent’ Dominates

Shailene Woodley and Theo James/Jaap Buitendijk

Veronica Roth’s film adaptation of her dystopian YA novel Divergent is an action-packed narrative with a brave, young heroine and handsome love interest that diverges enough from The Hunger Games with some familiar overlap.

Pick of the Day: This Star Won’t Go Out | Audio

This Start Won't Go Out

This is the memoir of Esther Earl, a 16-year-old who suffered from terminal thyroid cancer that metastasized in her lungs.

Teens Review ‘After the Disco’, ‘Fable Anniversary’ | Music and Games

Fable Anniversary

Could the Fable franchise be improved? You betcha. Teens review the latest entry in this gaming series and new collaborative music offerings.

Pick of the Day: The Last Ocean | DVD

The Last Ocean

This is a very worthwhile addition to all collections on environment, ecology, and nature.

Pick of the Day: Sea Hearts | Audio

Sea Hearts

This tale of selkies and human frailty, published in print as The Brides of Rollrock Island (Knopf, 2012), will appeal to listeners looking for depth of plot and well-crafted prose.

Pick of the Day: Fixed | DVD


Fixed explores the science and ethics of enhancements, touching upon many thoughtful questions germane to almost any subject.

Pick of the Day: O Pioneers! | Audio

O Pioneers

This recording is delightful and leaves one with the understanding and appreciation that the land is always there for those who take time to truly see and appreciate it.

Multimedia Reviews | DVDs & Audio

Men at Lunch
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Otters run wild in No Otter Zone. The Criterion Collection offers two classic comedians kids should know. Neil Gaiman reads Fortunately, the Milk, and Dreamscape Media brings back Willa Cather’s lyrical O Pioneers!

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Pick of the Day: Classic Comedians Kids Should Know | DVD

City Lights

These two classic, silent comedies are a must-see for today’s kids.