December 12, 2014

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Scienceflix: An In-Depth Exploration to Tempt Budding Scientists | Reference Online


Billed as “Science for the Next Generation,” Scholastic’s ScienceFlix is a highly engaging digital resource that offers students an in-depth examination of more than 30 subject areas.

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The Ebook Dilemma: Thoughts on Selecting the Right Ebook Model | Tech Tidbits


The ebook journey has been circuitous for high school teacher librarian Krista Brakhage. Some of the collection she purchased three years ago “disappeared,” prompting her to search for a new ebook purchasing model that works for her budget, students, and staff.

Reaching a Range of Users, from the Youngest to the Oldest | Reference Online


This month, we highlight databases for both the oldest and the youngest patrons. While Sparticl brings together the best science material on the Web, World Book’s Early World of Learning focuses on users making their first forays into reading.

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A Look Back and a Look Forward | Reference Online |October 2014


Recent online databases from Rosen and World Book introduce readers to the exciting world of science and the realm of reading, respectively.

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Science Made Simple: A Review of the Today’s Science Database | Reference Online | February 2014


With every link and article, with every illustration and helpful tip, it is clear that Infobase had one thing in mind in revamping Today’s Science: student success. This database is attractive in design and easy to use. It is packed with well-researched, relevant information and provides practical tips covering not only how to maximize the database’s usefulness, but also how to maximize research methods in all areas of study.

Today’s Science

Grade Level Gr 9 & up
Cost Annual prices for [...]

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Lessons from Aesop | Touch and Go


The ‘Aesop for Children’ for iOS from the Library of Congress provides a window for today’s children into a past where the way a crow manages to get a drink from a bottle and the consequences of goats facing off on a narrow bridge prove instructive for real life.

How to Start through Creating Citations: ProQuest Research Companion | Online Reference | January 2014


ProQuest’s new Research Companion serves as an effective introduction for those making their first attempts at conducting original research. A convenient step-by-step guide shepherds users through the process, allowing students to avoid many of the pitfalls of this critical exercise.

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BiblioBoard Review | Online Reference | October 2013


Librarian Jennifer Prince reviews BiblioBoard, a database offering ebooks, primary sources, and that can store locally created materials.

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SLJ Reviews Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine Archive Database

SLJ1309w_ref online

Combining an industry and educational standard in the field of aerospace with a recognized leader in the world of science and arts, the Air & Space and Smithsonian Magazine Archive Database is seamless in action and an excellent source for both papers and projects.

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A Summer App Recap | Touch and Go

summer app 2

For those of you who have been sitting under a shady tree or on a beach these past two months—and we hope that’s most of you—we’re offering a summary of the app reviews published over the summer. The list includes picture books, poetry, music, a reference guide or two, and some beloved characters and timeless stories. These are titles you want to load onto your school devices ASAP.

SLJ Reviews Rosen’s database ‘Digital Literacy’


Jennifer Prince examines Rosen’s Digital Literacy database, a tool that offers middle- and high-school students the know-how they need to use online resources efficiently and safely.

A Fiske College Sampler | Touch and Go

Fiske cover

For the college bound, “Fiske Guides” have always been go-to resources. Two years ago they launched an interactive app with information on more than 300 colleges with options to add notes, email admissions offices, and more. The latest addition to their list is an ebook sampler to some of the “best buys” in higher education.

Dust Off Your Headphones: It’s ‘Beethoven’s 9th’ for the iPad | Touch and Go


Touch Press has followed their rich ‘Orchestra’ app with a superb tribute to Ludwig Van ‘Beethoven’s 9th Symphony,’ considered by many to be one of the composer’s greatest works.

Art and Artifice: Museum Adventures on the iPad | Touch and Go


A museum visit can be a great learning experience for students, but when the exhibit you want to take your students to see is halfway around the world, what’s a teacher to do?

Rourke eRead and Report: Fiction and Nonfiction ebooks for K-12, with assessment features built in

Home Page:

Rourke’s “eRead and Report” database provides one-stop shopping for schools and libraries seeking informational ebooks. Each title is not only Common Core compliant, but comes with student assessment functions as well, with test results immediately available to teachers. Students can search the entire ebook collection to which their library subscribes, or teachers can assign particular books and observe student progress within the system.

Things That Vroom | Touch and Go


From dump trucks to fire trucks, young children can’t seem to get their fill of vehicles that have jobs to perform. In this week’s column, we present apps from a variety of developers, featuring vibrant illustrations, song, videos, and loads of interactivity that will keep kids engaged for hours.

An Endearing Creature, A Forbidding Environ | Touch and Go


Spring may have finally arrived, but penguins are never out of season with kids. The latest entry in Nosy Crow’s “Rounds” series offers a blend of fact and fiction on the life cycle of these aquatic creatures, while ‘Antarctica’ by Kids Discover delivers photos and text on one of the places these birds can be found.

Explore the World’s Cultures and Creatures with National Geographic | Digital Resources


“National Geographic: People, Animals, and the World” is part of the National Geographic Virtual Library. The database allows access to full-text books on travel, science and technology, history, the environment, animals, photography, and peoples and cultures. Also included are full-text articles from National Geographic Traveler magazine from 2010 to the present, 325 videos, 655 full color maps and atlases, and 600 downloadable images.

Stardust and a ‘Ship of Dreams’ | Touch and Go


What do the digital versions of Dean Morrissey’s ‘Ship of Dreams’ and Elin Kelsey’s ‘You Are Stardust’ have in common? A soothing cadence, subtle animations, exquisite artwork, and both offer us an opportunity to let our imaginations soar.

Britannica School | Digital Resources


Britannica Digital Learning
Grade Level: PreK Up

Cost The list price is $525 for up to 700 students and 75 cents for each additional student. Discounts are available for school district and consortium purchases. In addition, some states pay for the subscription in public schools and libraries. The following federal funding is available: Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Title X; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); Investing in Innovation (i3); Race to the Top Funds; 21st Century [...]