December 11, 2016

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The 2016 National Book Award Goes To . . .

Such a deserving book (and series). Well done, Young People’s Literature committee. Two facts worth noting: And also:

Holdshelf: November 2016

Here are the books currently on hold at my K-4 school library:

The Children’s Literature Community Responds to the 2016 Presidential Election

If you’re not up for a Kumbaya sort of post (and I respect that), don’t read this post. Here are some reactions to the 2016 presidential election by the children’s literature community. Have a friend? Hug a friend. — Mo Willems’ Pigeon (@The_Pigeon) November 9, 2016 A Letter From Our President @elloellenoh to the […]

It’s Election Day (And One of These Books Will Soon Be Real)

A couple weeks back I received an email from Running Kids Press about The New Big Book of Presidents. Pretty much every library has this book (or something similar from another publisher). It is the one-stop-shop for all presidential info. An updated version will be released in January to reflect the winner of the 2016 presidential […]

The Results of Our Kidlit Election Are In

Our kidlit election is finished.

I explained the process over at the Reader Leader blog.
Now the results are in . . .

Squid votes are on the left, Duck votes are on the right.
Which means . . .

Gallery: The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016

The 2016 edition of the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books list was announced today, so let’s see how I did on my predictions. Oh. Well, better luck next time! Here are the beautiful books that made the list. The Cat from Hunger Mountain by Ed Young The Dead Bird by Margaret Wise Brown, […]

Getting Creative

Yesterday The Creativity Project was announced. Little, Brown to Publish ‘Creativity Project’ by Michigan Teacher @colbysharp — Children’s Bookshelf (@PWKidsBookshelf) November 1, 2016 I’m thrilled for my friend (and partner on The Yarn) Colby Sharp. I’m also honored to be one of the contributors to the project. (Click here to see the complete […]

We Found a (Man in the Yellow) Hat?

Jon Klassen’s We Found a Hat is fantastic. The end isn’t as ambiguous as his last book (written by Mac Barnett), Sam & Dave Dig a Hole (speculation got a little crazy on that one), but maybe there is some room from interpretation. Here’s my theory: The hat the turtles find actually belonged to The Man in the […]

November is Picture Book Month

It’s November. November is a good month. November is Picture Book Month. To learn more (and get in on the fun), visit the Picture Book Month website.

Bob-Con 2016

If you’ve read a book with a character named Bob to kids, you know that kids love that name. Bob. It makes everything more jovial. Over the weekend the Bob Class of 2016 got together to network, discuss a potential (and highly controversial) change to “Robert”, and attend Bob-related workshops and breakout sessions. (Click to […]

#32 Kate & Cassie Beasley (S2 E3)

Travis: The second season of The Yarn is all about the middle grade novel Gertie’s Leap to Greatness. Today, in episode 3 we head down to the Beasley farm in Georgia and hear from Kate Beasley’s mom and sister, Circus Mirandus author Cassie Beasley. If you missed the first two episodes of this season, here’s […]

Last Call for Undies! Nominate Your Favorite Case Cover by Nov. 15

The window to nominate a creative case cover for The Undies is about to close. The deadline is November 15, 2016. What are The Undies??? Only the Biggest and Best New Award in Children’s Literature. Follow these steps to nominate: Check out the case cover gallery we have going at Design of the Picture Book […]

Books on Film: In the Studio with a Pop-Up Master

Matthew Reinhart is the guy who pretty much makes every pop-up book not made by Robert Sabuda. The guy is a paper engineering wizard. Science Friday recently interviewed Reinhart in his studio with fascinating results. In this video you will learn: The basic pop-up folds and how they are used. How Reinhart approaches each pop-up […]

The ‘What Are Kids Checking Out?’ List

Follett, book distributor and maker of one of the most popular library automation systems in the country, recently put out a list of the most popular books in elementary school. Follett has collected circulation statistics from schools across the country (who choose to participate) to create the list. As a school librarian who sees the […]

The Most Terrifying Children’s Lit Jack-o’-Lantern Ever

If you really want to send chills down the spine of trick-or-treaters this year, there’s only one jack-o’-lantern guaranteed to scare ’em all:

Holds Shelf Still Life: October 2016

Here are the books currently on hold at our K-4 school library:
(click to enlarge)

You know who does really good drawings like this? Jane Mount. She even made a book of them. Click here to check out her website.

Endangered Series #11: Animal Ark

Popularity comes, popularity goes. As librarians we’re always balancing between what will circulate like crazy and what we need to have in the collection. And we’re not the Library of Congress – we can’t (and shouldn’t) keep everything. An endangered series is one that appears to be waning in terms of popularity. But popularity isn’t everything. Should it […]

These Books Own Their Corners

Sometimes a book comes to represent a certain genre or style so completely that every book published afterward that is even remotely similar will be compared to it. It owns it’s corner. Here are the books I can think of that own their corners. Any to add? Let’s hear it in the comments. The Interactive […]

Don’t Even Try to Tell Me This Isn’t a Perfect Book (#1): Bark, George

Some say there’s no such thing as a perfect book. Bah! Some books are perfect. In this series, we’ll name them. Don’t even try to tell me Bark, George isn’t a perfect book. Were you about to start? Stop. Bark, George is perfect. It’s . . . . . .  efficient. Bark, George has a simple […]

On This Day (ish) in Scope Notes History . . .

Part of the fun of blogging is the ephemeral nature of the medium – you write a post, put it up quickly, maybe some folks read it, and then it fades away in a hurry. On to the next post. But – PROBLEM – now I’m stuck with this stockpile of ridiculous stuff that never […]