February 10, 2016

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2016 Caldecott Comment Card

Once the 2016 Caldecott Medals and Honors have been awarded, I want to know what you think. Go ahead and share in the comments. What Caldecott choices are you happy with? Unhappy? What did the committee miss?

Watch the ALA Youth Media Awards LIVE

It’s time. Time to haul out one of my favorite images that I use on this blog. *hauling* *EXPLOSION SOUND* I would not be doing my civic school librarian duty if I did not share that you can watch the American Library Association’s 2016 Youth Media Awards (you know, the show with all the wonderful […]

Morning Notes: Secret Political Message Edition

ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST POPULAR CHILDREN’S BOOKS HAS A SECRET POLITICAL MESSAGE Read Headline Alert! This one from the Washington Post – what book are they talking about? Click here to read more. (Thanks to my brother Zach for the link) RAYMOND BRIGGS: ‘DON’T CALL ME THE KING OF CHRISTMAS. I DON’T LIKE CHILDREN, I […]

A Conversation with The Ambassador: Gene Luen Yang

We have a brand-new National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature: Gene Luen Yang. We know he makes graphic novels. We know he won a Printz Medal for his book American Born Chinese. What do you say we a little more about him? Yang’s publisher, FirstSecond (Macmillan), shared this Q&A with me, and I now share it […]

Nonfiction Monday: The Secret Subway by Shana Corey

The Secret Subway By Shana Corey Illustrated by Red Nose Studio Schwartz & Wade Books (Random House) ISBN: 9780375870712 $17.99 Grades K-3 Out March 8, 2016 *Best New Book* Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Sometimes things become so commonplace, we forget how incredible they are. Comedian Louis C.K. has a bit about […]

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Top 10 Circulated Picture Books of 2015

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More Yarn! Matt Tavares: Growing Up Pedro Unravelled

We’re continuing our new series called The Unraveller, where an author or illustrator brings us behind the scenes of one of their books. The latest episode is up, with author/illustrator Matt Tavares talking about his book Growing Up Pedro. To celebrate the new episode, we’re giving away a signed copy of Growing Up Pedro. Click here […]

Coming Soon: Top 10 Posts of 2015

Full-on reflection mode over here. Starting next week and continuing over the holidays, I’ll be counting down my most popular posts from the past year, from number ten to number one. See you then.

14 Books I Loved (But Didn’t Review) in 2015

Well this will be easy. There’s a whole bunch of books that, for a variety of reasons (most relating to sleep and food), I didn’t talk about on this blog. Again I will state my annual pledge: I’ll try to do better next year. What follows are some of the 2015 books that I read and […]

2016 Mock Caldecott Results!

9 Books. Over 500 K-4th grade student votes. The winners of our 2016 Mock Caldecott are…