April 21, 2014

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The Problem of Plagiarism

Students who copy may not know they’ve committed an offense

By Colleen MacDonell

With so many middle and high school students using subscription databases and the Web to complete assignments, there's a lot more cutting and pasting taking place than we'd like to see. And while it's understandable that teachers would be tempted to give failing grades to plagiarized work, it's unfair to students who may not even know they're committing an offense.

My students at International College, a Pre-K to 12 American [...]

The Search for Meaning

How you can boost kids’ reading comprehension

A few years ago, most of our students at Lansdowne Elementary were struggling readers: while many could recognize words, half were unable to understand the stories they’d just read. Not surprisingly, these kids weren’t interested in books. The problem wasn’t Why Johnnie Can’t Read, but more specifically, Why Johnnie Can’t Understand—and the answer had a lot to do with poverty.

Lansdowne is located in a poor part of Baltimore. More than 60 percent of its [...]