May 25, 2017

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March: Book Three by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin | SLJ Review

Lewis, John & Andrew Aydin. March: Book Three. illus. by Nate Powell. 192p. Top Shelf. Aug. 2016. pap. $19.99. ISBN 9781603094023. 

Gr 8 Up –In the final installment in the trilogy, Congressman Lewis concludes his firsthand account of the civil rights era. Simultaneously epic and intimate, this dynamic work spotlights pivotal moments (the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL; the Freedom Summer murders; the 1964 Democratic National Convention; and the Selma to […]

A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston | SLJ Review

Jeffers, Oliver & Sam Winston. A Child of Books. illus. by Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston. 40p. Candlewick. Sept. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780763690779. 

Gr 1 Up –A gorgeous, innovative musing on the power of storytelling. A nameless young girl who calls herself a child of books narrates in lyrical, spellbinding verse. Some, she says, have forgotten the importance of stories, but she finds a boy and introduces him to her world, a land created through […]

Dav Pilkey on “Dog Man”

Dav Pilkey’s latest, a graphic novel about a crime fighter who’s part dog, part cop, is all fun. Pilkey weighs in on his process, his appeal among reluctant readers, and more.

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Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier | SLJ Review

Telgemeier, Raina. Ghosts. illus. by Raina Telgemeier. 256p. Scholastic. Sept. 2016. Tr $24.99. ISBN 9780545540612; pap. $10.99. ISBN 9780545540629; ebk. $10.99. ISBN 9780545540674. POP 

Gr 4-8 –Catrina and her family have just moved to Northern California. Bahía de la Luna is different from Cat’s hometown—for one thing, everyone is obsessed with ghosts—but the sea air makes it easier for Cat’s younger sister, Maya, who has cystic fibrosis (CF), to breathe. Carlos, a new friend and neighbor, […]

The Leaving by Tara Altebrando | SLJ Review

Altebrando, Tara. The Leaving. 432p. Bloomsbury. Jun. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9781619638037. 

Gr 8 Up –One day, six kindergarteners disappear without a trace. Eleven years later, five of the kids, now teenagers, return, but the mysteries have only multiplied. Though Lucas, Scarlett, Kristen, Adam, and Sarah operate on a developmentally appropriate level (speaking, reading, and writing like typical adolescents), they have no memory of anything from the last 11 years—and no explanation of why Max, who also left, isn’t […]

Best Frints in the Whole Universe by Antoinette Portis | SLJ Review

Portis, Antoinette. Best Frints in the Whole Universe. illus. by Antoinette Portis. 40p. Roaring Brook/Neal Porter Bks. Jul. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9781626721364. 

K-Gr 2 –Employing eye-catching imagery and space lingo that will have children and their adults giggling, Portis emphasizes that friendship can be tricky yet rewarding. Yelfred and Omek, residents of the planet Boborp, have been pals (or “frints”) since they were young. Though these two buddies love to engage in a variety of […]

Experts Focus on Censorship at Bank Street Conference

At “Who Are You To Say?”, an event held in New York City on April 16, authors and kid lit experts weighed in on where to draw the line between being aware and censoring.

Disco Inferno | Watch- and Listen-Alikes for Meg Medina’s “Burn Baby Burn”

Set in Queens during the summer of 1977, when the Son of Sam terrorized the city of New York, Meg Medina’s Burn Baby Burn is filled with pop culture references, from Donna Summer to Parliament. Steer teen fans of the book to songs and films from the period.

YA Author Louise Rennison Dies

Rennison, best known for the wildly popular “Confessions of Georgia Nicholson” series, was as beloved in the U.S. as in her native England.

A Dog’s Life | SLJ Spotlight

From books exploring different breeds to training guides, dog-related titles are well represented in the 590s, but readers will definitely want to check out these two additions, which examine our canine companions in new and intriguing lights.

1493 for Young People: From Columbus’s Voyage to Globalization by Charles C. Mann | SLJ Review

Mann, Charles C. 1493 for Young People: From Columbus’s Voyage to Globalization. adapted by Rebecca Stefoff. 416p. chron. glossary. index. maps. photos. reprods. Seven Stories. Jan. 2016. Tr $40. ISBN 9781609806309; pap. $18.95. ISBN 9781609806637.

Gr 7-10 –Stefoff abridges and simplifies Mann’s adult title 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created (Knopf, 2011), objectively describing how European exploration and the resulting Columbian Exchange of plants, animals, and diseases rapidly made the world “global” in outlook and […]

The First Step: How One Girl Put Segregation on Trial by Susan E. Goodman | SLJ Review

Goodman, Susan E. The First Step: How One Girl Put Segregation on Trial. illus. by E.B. Lewis. 40p. bibliog. chron. further reading. Bloomsbury. Jan. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780802737397.

Gr 2-4 –More than a century before Brown v. Board of Education, there was Roberts v. City of Boston; this beautifully illustrated picture book sheds light on this lesser-known case. Benjamin and Adeline Roberts enrolled their four-year-old in the closest neighborhood school. Sarah attended, until officials noticed […]

Our Bodies, Our Shelves | SLJ Spotlight

From sex and gender to reproductive rights, these recent offerings make complex topics accessible and ensure that teenagers will be informed about issues that affect them.

You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?! by Jonah Winter | SLJ Review

Winter, Jonah. You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?! illus. by Barry Blitt. 40p. ebook available. glossary. Random/Schwartz & Wade. Mar. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780375870132.

Gr 2-4 –The “You Never Heard of…” picture books are back with this interesting look at a baseball personality known more for his managerial style than for his years as a player. In a relaxed, conversational tone, Winter ushers readers through the life of Casey Stengel, whose childhood dream was to […]

Echo Echo: Reverso Poems About Greek Myths by Marilyn Singer | SLJ Review

Singer, Marilyn. Echo Echo: Reverso Poems About Greek Myths. illus. by Josée Masse. 32p. Dial. Feb. 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9780803739925. 

Gr 2-5 –A companion volume to this team’s Mirror Mirror (2010) and Follow Follow (2013, both Dial), this imaginative work is a symphony of cannily composed verse intensified by a palette of Aegean blues, sunlit golds, and delicate greens. Through reverso poems rendered in an elegant font on split blue and white pages, Singer presents […]

Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future by Allan Drummond | SLJ Review

Drummond, Allan. Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future. illus. by Allan Drummond. 40p. notes. Farrar/Frances Foster Bks. Mar. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780374379995.

Gr 1-5 –On May 4, 2007, a treacherous tornado destroyed Greensburg, KS, “in nine-minutes flat.” Eleven people died; the school, “hospital, nine churches, the water tower, the drugstore with its soda fountain, the grocery store, the two hotels, the three banks, the theater, and everything […]

In Memoriam 2015

Our annual tribute to those we lost this past year, notables who not only contributed to the community but helped to define it with their literary, scholarly, and artistic accomplishments.

Peter Dickinson Dies at 88

Peter Dickinson, a unique brand of novelist who captivated audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, passed away on his 88th birthday.

Hillary: Beyond the Headlines | SLJ Spotlight

Several recently reviewed books take a close look a presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton.

Beyond the Whodunit: Sarah Miller Takes a Deep Dive into the Infamous Lizzie Borden Case

Sarah Miller relates the challenges of researching and writing The Borden Murders and discusses the moments and discoveries that surprised her.