November 22, 2017

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Junior Library Guild Announces New Book Categories for 2015

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Junior Library Guild (JLG), a collection development and book review service for school and public libraries, has announced the addition of seven new book/product categories designed to support school curriculum needs and keep kids reading.

Visit JLG’s web page with its new categories here.

“With the curriculum in schools changing, the library becomes an even more integral part of the support that kids need to succeed,” says Randy Asmo, president of Media Source, Inc., the parent company of JLG.

(School Library Journal is also owned by Media Source, Inc.)

Customers will be able to purchase these categories starting in January 2015. Each new category will provide 12 books per year to customers. (Audiobook categories provide six.)

The new book categories include:

  • Nonfiction Early Elementary + for grades K–2
  • Nonfiction Middle School + for grades 5–8
  • Arts Elementary for grades 2–6
  • Mystery/Adventure High for grades 9–12
  • Adult Crossover High for grades 11 and up
  • Audiobooks Elementary + for grades 2–6
  • Audiobooks Mature Young Adults for grades 11 and up

Asmo reveals, “These new categories are designed to help supplement curriculum areas where there may be a reduction of emphasis—such as the arts—and provide a regular supply of fantastic, curated reading material in areas with more concentration such as nonfiction reading.”

These new products are available to order starting January 6.

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