March 29, 2017

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AASL to Survey Branding of School Librarianship

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has announced that it is launching two national online surveys this month—one for school librarians, one for stakeholders—in order to examine ways that the two groups view the profession. AASL hopes to use the surveys, which will be open for online participation through December 2, 2013, to ultimately “provide a refreshing and inspiring image” of school librarians and school library programs.

In particular, the surveys will examine how current and future professionals in the field and educational stakeholders feel about such brand terms as “school librarian,” “L4L” and “@your library.” AASL says it will compare how the perceptions of these two groups may differ, and determine how to address any gaps in order to meet the needs of both groups.

The school librarians survey can be found online here.

The stakeholders survey can be found online here.

AASL is seeking help disseminating the surveys, and says it will be inviting the memberships of several national educational organizations to participate.

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  1. Casey Crowe says:

    There are a few questions on the librarian version of the survey that appear to have answer selections that are phrased from the stakeholder’s perspective. Also, I see “branding” as merely an attempt at a cosmetic fix or an attempt to create an image – people are savvy enough these days recognize an ad campaign for what it is. What matters most are our contributions towards advancing students’ literacy skills, and the curriculum and instructional support we provide students, and teachers.

  2. Thank you – It did feel a little like I was rating a product off the shelf. Kind of passionless….