May 24, 2015

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What to Expect at the SLJ Summit 2013


SLJ Summit

A group of forward-thinking and trailblazing school librarians will soon be gathering at School Library Journal’s ninth annual Leadership Summit. Taking place in Austin, Texas from September 28-29, the event will showcase the transformative work that educators are doing all over the country through effective collaboration.

The schedule is packed with presentations by leaders in the field, including journalist Annie Murphy Paul, author of the forthcoming Brilliant: The New Science of Smart (Crown, 2004); the teacher librarian/administrator teammates from the innovative Vancouver (WA) Public Schools; and Colorado State’s Antero Garcia. A panel on new media in storytelling and a visit from American Library Association president Barbara Stripling are some of the other sessions that participants have to look forward to. Throughout the weekend, each program will dive deeper into the future of libraries and libraries in our schools.

Check out the full schedule, or learn more about the event on our SLJ Summit 2013 website.

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  1. The SLJ February 4, 2014 e-mail contains expired information–for instance data for the Summit is dated for 2013.