December 21, 2014

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Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob

You posted. You tweeted. You “tumbled.” And we are grateful for it! For more than a week, School Library Journal readers and staffers alike have been enjoying the feedback to our #lovemylibraryjob crowdsourcing project on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, which we launched in honor of our 2013 Job Satisfaction Survey. Children’s and young adult librarians shared with us the favorite parts of their profession and the real-life fun going on in their libraries.

Here are some of our favorite comments.

On Facebook

SLJ’s Daryl Grabarek loves her library’s collection and beautiful atrium space!

tumblr mml88vVlzz1rvs5r6o1 500 Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob

On Twitter

RT @: Overhearing "No, seriously dude, use the databases- they're easier than Google" #lovemylibraryjob #highschoollibrary
SLJ twitter normal Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
Today, as part of my job, I am apparently an interior designer. And a picture framing consultant. :D #lovemylibraryjob
CoverIcon normal Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
Ruth Frances Long
A visit from a former teen volunteer who is now majoring in biochemistry at UT, and fondly remembers her library days. #lovemylibraryjob
angela normal Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
Angela Frederick
Book clubs, new tech, an awesome reason to read all the ya best sellers, and teens are truly the coolest people on earth #lovemylibraryjob
image normal Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
Abby Brosche
I spend my days learning and teaching information literacy and iPads. #lovemylibraryjob
 Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
Carrie Meeker


I #lovemylibraryjob because students groan when the bell rings to leave!
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On Tumblr

Librarian Rita Meade says, “I #lovemylibraryjob because sometimes kids ask for things like this”:

batmanbooks Librarians Speak Out: #lovemylibraryjob
K –5 teacher-librarian and blogger Mr. Schu also shares his thoughts in a video:

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