August 21, 2014

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Book/Multimedia Review Stars List | April 2013

SLJ1304w Stars Willems Book/Multimedia Review Stars List | April 2013

That Is Not a Good Idea! (Willems) ©2013 by Mo Willems.

Preschool to Grade 4

BERNE , Jennifer. On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein. illus. by Vladimir Radunsky. Chronicle. May 2013. p. 147.

IDLE , Molly. Flora and the Flamingo. illus. by author. Chronicle. p. 132.

KLAUSMEIER , Jesse. Open This Little Book. illus. by Suzy Lee. Chronicle. p. 134.

MCCLURE , Nikki. How to Be a Cat. illus. by author. Abrams/Appleseed. p. 136.

OLSHAN , Matthew. The Mighty Lalouche. illus. by Sophie Blackall. Random/Schwartz & Wade. May 2013. p. 138.

SNICKET , Lemony. The Dark. illus. by Jon Klassen. Little, Brown. Apr. 2013. p. 144.

THONG , Roseanne Greenfield. Round Is a Tortilla. illus. by John Parra. Chronicle. Apr. 2013. p. 152.

VIVA , Frank. A Long Way Away. illus. by author. Little, Brown. Apr. 2013. p. 146.

WILLEMS , Mo. That Is Not a Good Idea! illus. by author. HarperCollins/Balzer & Bray. May 2013. p. 146.


BALLIETT , Blue. Hold Fast. Scholastic. p. 156.

BARON , Jeff. I Represent Sean Rosen. HarperCollins/Greenwillow. p. 156.

BLAGDEN , Scott. Dear Life, You Suck. Houghton Harcourt. p. 158.

MEDINA , Meg. Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass. Candlewick. p. 168.

SAUNDERS , Kate. Magicalamity. Delacorte. 2012. p. 170.

THOMPSON , Holly. The Language Inside. Delacorte. May 2013. p. 173.

VAUGHN , Lauren Roedy. OCD, the Dude, and Me . Dial. p. 174.

ZARR , Sara. The Lucy Variations. Little, Brown. May 2013. p. 175.

Adult Books 4 Teens BLOG

BUCHANAN , Cathy Marie. The Painted Girls. Riverhead. (Feb. 11, 2013, post)

BRODY , Frances. A Medal for Murder. Minotaur. (Feb. 18, 2013, post)

MOYES , Jojo. Me Before You. Pamela Dorman Books. (Feb. 20, 2013, post)

CONKLIN , Tara. The House Girl. Morrow. (Mar. 5, 2013, post)

BEAUMAN , Ned. The Teleportation Accident. Bloomsbury. (Mar. 7, 2013, post)


Abolitionists. PBS Dist. p. 52.

Bone Wind Fire. National Film Board of Canada. p. 48.

Death and the Civil War. PBS Dist. p. 52.

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Faith Ringgold. Getting to Know. p. 48.

You’re Not a Little Kid Anymore! Personal Hygiene. MarshMedia. p. 49.


Courage Has No Color. By Tanya Lee Stone. Brilliance Audio. p. 63.

Got a Minute? p. 60.

Growing Up in Coal Country. By Susan Campbell Bartoletti. Brilliance Audio. p. 63.

Ready Set Go. The Happy Racers. p. 62.

Uses for Boys. By Erica Lorraine Scheidt. Brilliance Audio. p. 59.



  1. Richard Bingham, Anne Bingham Executor says:

    Midwest Book Awards has named “Stars in the Window” by Anne Alexander Bingham, 2012, Xlibris a Finalist in the Children’s Fiction selection for books published in 2012, a Middle Grade chapter book, 166 pages. “When 11 year old Jessie meets Mrs. Sakamoto her life is changed. It is 1943 and the U.S. is at war with Japan. When Mom hires Mrs. Sakamoto to help in the family flower shop, Jessie finds a warm friend who teaches her about chopsticks, Ikebana flower arranging, ink-painting and origami. Mrs. Sakamoto had been released from Amache, a Japanese internment camp and Jessie struggles to understand the difference between an enemy and a Japanese friend. The reader will also relate the story to present day issues: prejudice and response to cultural and racial diversity, fear of those who are national enemies, and a pre-adolescent culture that involves snubbing and cliques.” Please consider for inclusion in your lists.