April 15, 2014

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Pick of the Day: Pug and Other Animal Poems

pug and other animal poems Pick of the Day: Pug and Other Animal Poemsstar Pick of the Day: Pug and Other Animal PoemsWORTH, Valerie. Pug and Other Animal Poems. illus. by Steve Jenkins. 32p. Farrar/Margaret Ferguson. Mar. 2013. RTE $16.99. ISBN 978-0-374-35024-6. LC 2010034300.
Gr 3-5
–A vividly crafted collection of 18 animal poems with subjects ranging from pugs to geese to fireflies. As in Animal Poems (Farrar, 2007), the poet’s undeniable expertise is elegantly expressed in Jenkins’s collage art. Each entry is featured on a spread with a paper collage depiction of the animal that complements the singular focus and brevity of the free-verse selection. Each poem captures a brief moment or an unusual perspective: from the mysterious nature of the fox, to the quiet stillness of a dead mouse left on the doorstep, to the power and raw ferocity of the tiger. The art reflects the shifting moods of the work deftly, allowing both to compel readers. Whether read aloud or scanned silently, this lovely book shines with the same qualities as the previous collection. Poetry readers who are hungry for more might want to peruse The National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry, edited by J. Patrick Lewis (National Geographic, 2012), to continue the exploration of the creature kingdom.–Stephanie Whelan, New York Public Library